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Thank crap for that! - The Scavengers Workshop
February 16th, 2007
04:24 pm


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Thank crap for that!
Just checked the camera I was sent at last.
Exactly as I hoped. Horizontal hold on the viewfinder's gone. IIRC from the service manual, I pop the housing and turn one pot.

Will need a new mic cowl, eyepiece rubber and the handgrip could use a clean. It's worryingly.. sticky.

But woo! Two functional JVC GR-S707's!
If I can snag a second tripod at some point too, I'm pretty much a one-person producion company. :3
Or at very least, it opens up more options on the filming front.
Gotta see about getting the cheap and nasty camera lamp switched over to luxeon's or something though. It eats batteries.

And at last, a new batch of blank tapes is on the way! About bloody time, huh? Finally get some of the pieces finished.

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