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A better update - The Scavengers Workshop
August 18th, 2006
11:57 pm


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A better update
Today's not been too bad. While nothing got filmed, preparations for a piece on casting your own metal at home went pretty well. Earlier this week I had the good fortune to meet up with a lady from the Essex Beekeepers Association who I'll be calling back this weekend to see about interviewing.
Another bonus has been the sale of scavenged items on ebay for a very large sum, which will make an excellent example for the Getting Yourself Out of Dept segment.
An ebay find will also be helping, in the form of a 12volt to 9.6v car adaptor. With this it now means I'll be able to film without battery trouble wherever I have access to a lighter-socket. This includes something particular coming up in about a fortnight which'll be caught on tape.
This adaptor also means I'll be able to make use of the 12v sealed lead-acid battery pack I got from Lidl last year. At a 7Ahr rating, I should get about three times the camera runtime.

The end of the wine-making segment has also been delayed, but fermentation has stopped without any sign of contamination. It will be decanted within the week now the apropriate chemicals have been aquired.

Due to slow progress on the allotment (US translation: rented garden), it will probably now only be touched apon in the first series of the show, and instead have it's main run in series 2, presuming we get there! Depending on how things go over the next month or two, the aeroplane may also need relegating to S2.

The missing piece of the editing suite, a brand new SVHS VCR, will shortly be arriving here at Sci-Fi-Fox studios, where it'll be hooked up to serve as a dedicated capture machine. Although only a consumer-grade piece of equipment, I hope that it being new and it only being used for these new tapes will keep the playback quality very high.
With that hooked up, I hope to at last bring you a few tempting screengrabs of what to expect. This should be fun, in the masochistic sense of capturing and making use of footage taken back when we didn't know all the functions of the camera.

One last thing is some progress on the shows theme tune. While not exactly a priority, it's encouraging to know it's in the works. To help it along, I'm supply Danielle with a PC for sampling and playback. The fact she has memorised so many unique tune creations is both impressive and frightening. With this PC it means they'll be taken down for much easier editing and storage.

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