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Possible change to reproduction agreement in the future - The Scavengers Workshop
May 9th, 2006
12:43 am


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Possible change to reproduction agreement in the future
This isn't definitly something I'll be doing, but I just read through pseudomanitou's most excellent daily news-digest of something coming down the pipe pretty fast.

If I may quote from http://donkephant.blogspot.com/ and the EFF report on the matter..

The proposed broadcasting treaty would create entirely new global rights for broadcasting companies who have neither created nor own the programming. What’s even more alarming is the proposal from the United States that the treaty regulate the Internet transmission of audio and video entertainment.

If I understand this correctly, that means a plausible series of events could be..

  1. The Scavengers Workshop launches on the internet! Horray!

  2. TV company decides to show the show on their channel, since it's under Creative Commons

  3. TV company now has the legal power to prevent TSW from being distributed over the internet (or by any other broadcast companys or means), as by showing it on mainstream media they now have absolute reproduction rights

  4. Sci goes to jail for trying to continue distribution anyway

So, should this go through, I'll be changing the reproduction agreement to a full copyright. It won't stop the above chain of events, but at least adds the stage "Sci counter-files for breach of copyright by TV company".

And for anyone who's enjoyed the dystopian visions in internet radio-theatre "Tales from the Afternow", they may understand why I say this feels uncomfortably similar to the Listeners Licence. Only, perhaps, fundementaly worse.

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