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Status report - The Scavengers Workshop
May 6th, 2006
12:44 am


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Status report
First up, a little bit of fresh content. I've uploaded a new version of the Episodes page. It lists the current episode titles and lists a few of the things that should be apearing in each episode.
And beleive me that the "..And more!" notation, really means it. The master layout is chock full of stuff. Frankly, a lot of it may get lost for the first series, but wether that's because I don't get the chance to film it or wether because there's no more room in the episode remains to be seen. Some of the segments are looking like they'll run a lot longer than I'd previously thought, and I really don't want the running time for each episode going over 1 hour. Guess it makes a second series almost ineviable from the start though, eh?

The idea was to do each episode around 45-50 minutes in length, then it led to the possibility it could be easily shown on TV (as they'd need to fit in advert breaks every 15 minutes and round it up to a 1-hour slot). Since I'm now planning to release it under CC though, I wonder how that would effect redistribution, even if noone received any money for it? Afterall, the TV company would still get money from adverts shown during it.

Oh well, 1 hour's a good ball-park figure and doesn't need altering until it actually comes down to editing everything together.


Unfortunatly, due to a long day dealing with the job centre, I was too exhausted to make it to the London 2600 meet, and instead stayed home and made fruit smoothies. Ice cold fruit smoothies.

The first bout of filming with Nige over the weekend went okay, though was cut short. We'll be heading back in a month or so, and hopefully doing something a bit more in-depth before I head off to relax at a certain convention in Pittsburgh, USA. Outside the convention, there are also more interveiws to be conducted. I'll be seeing if I can get some more on board for that shortly.

I so love fresh content.

The stationary engine is on the allotment for the self-suficiency and gardening segments. The winemaking segment is now shot as far as it can be, and the wine is happily fermenting away in a warm corner of the kitchen. The Laundry Lifehack is also now on tape, though I could use a few more of them. The lifehacks are intended to be only about a minute in length, but very usefull. My grandfather has a tonne of these, though they're more biased toward toolmaking and engineering skills, so don't quite qualify as Lifehacks.

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